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Many patients have a fear of dentistry and the work (which is important) Dr. James Wells and our team at Wells Family Dentistry does inside your mouth. We understand you may be concerned about experiencing pain whether from routine procedures or from having sensitive teeth. Having some general anxiety over your scheduled visits is common. We offer many different types of sedation to make sure you don’t have any pain (or fear) at your next dental procedure. Don’t put off visiting our office in Morehead City, NC any longer!

A few ways we make sure you are safe and pain free at your scheduled visits are:

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For patients who need pain relief and help reducing anxiety, we use nitrous oxide combined with local anesthetics. Using nitrous oxide is beneficial for our team at Wells Dentistry because we can regulate the dosage during treatment and our patients are usually capable of driving shortly after the procedure is completed.

Oral or Injected Sedation

A pill or liquid may be given for you to consume several hours before your procedure. With an oral sedation you will not be able to drive yourself after the appointment is over. Children are often given an oral liquid before any shots or intravenous anesthesia. An intramuscular injection may also be given at the office that can provide relaxation benefits for 20 to 30 minutes.

Nitrous Oxide with an Oral Sedative

For those of you who experience higher levels of anxiety, an injected or oral sedative may be given before nitrous oxide has begun. This is extremely effective for reducing anxiety about having an injection of local anesthetics. This combination can produce a deeper level of sedation. Liquid medication with nitrous oxide is the best option for children.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia can be given with an inhaled gas or intravenous liquid. As long as no oral sedative was given before the anesthesia is administered, you wake up quickly after the procedure is finished. Intravenous sedation may also be used for a more moderate-to-deep level of sedation without having a complete loss of consciousness. A pill, injection, or liquid medication can also be offered before intravenous sedation begins to help reduce your anxiety.

We are glad to explain the options we have available and answer any questions you may have to make sure your exam is pleasant for you. Don’t hesitate to ask Dr. James Wells and our team at Wells Family Dentistry about receiving sedation or pain prevention during your visit.

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