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The Healthy Smiles Dental Benefit Plan is available at Wells Family Dentistry in Morehead City, NC.

The Healthy Smiles Dental Benefit Plan offered by Wells Family Dentistry allows you and your family to receive high quality dental services at an affordable price. Our goals are to create a mutual partnership by investing in your health, increasing accessibility of necessary and elective dental care by patients, and to increase patient's focus on preventative care instead of reactive care. We understand it can be challenging in today's world to attain the level of dental care you are interested in for yourself and family. We have created this benefit plan for families like yours. We plan to serve our community for many years to come and creating a fair and sustainable solution that helps improve our community's oral health is among our most important professional goals.

At Wells Family Dentistry we're promoting good dental health while making quality

family dentistry more affordable!

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